Payment Link

This is the fastest and easiest method to start selling to Brazilian companies - no payment integration required. Your company does not need a website or its own checkout but can generate single or multiple payment links to distribute to Brazilian businesses. It is very useful for B2B consultancy services or personalized offerings that can be sent through alternative communication channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and Messenger.

Easiest and fastest way to start selling to Brazilian companies

Create a link and send it to your customers instantly

No payment integrations required

Ideal for consultancy services or personalized offerings

Multiple operators can create links at the same time

Payment management platform

Embedded Checkout

Accept all major payment options in one go with user-friendly integration via our
embedded checkout platform, which is PCI Compliant.
We take care of the payment process so you can focus on your business.

Quickly and effortless integration process

PCI DSS Certified

User-friendly checkout to improve conversion rates

Requires less time to integrate and little technical knowledge

Apply your brand identity

Checkout with either redirection or iframe

Direct API

Our API uses cutting edge technologies boost business performance with complete customization options for all integration methods. Used by companies that want to customize and control the entire payment process.

Highly customizable integration (white label)

Transparent checkout, no redirect

Smoother experience, improving conversion rates

Control the whole payment flow

End-to-end development and technical integration support

Payment management platform

PCI DSS Certified: protected transaction data

Use a payment facilitator with PCI Level 1 Certification to secure sensitive card transaction data. PCI certification offers you the highest security standards currently available anywhere.

Success stories in Brazil via Bexs