Payment Link

It is the fastest and easiest method to start selling to Brazilian consumers. Your company does not need to have a website or its own checkout to make its sales.

Customization level: 0

Used by companies that want to create personalized offers for each customer or want to send their sales through alternative communication channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and Messenger.


Payment without integration

Billing management

Multiple operators creating links at the same time

Responsive experience among mobile and web

E-mail notification to your customer

Checkout Bexs available automatically

Embedded Checkout

Accelerate the acceptance of local payment using a smart embedded checkout integrated into your store with just a few lines of codes. Responsive experience among mobile and web. Customize colors, labels and steps.

Customization level: 5

Used by e-commerce companies that want a ready payment solution, where they can provide a customizable shopping experience to their customers.


Better checkout experience with higher conversion rates

Main Brazilian payment methods

Responsive experience among mobile and web

Scalable sales

User-friendly purchase flow

Personalization with your company’s visual design


Our API uses the lastest technologies to provide better systemic performance for your business across different applications. Allowing the highest level of customization of all way of integration.

Customization level: 10

Used by companies that are ready to capture payment data on their checkout and want to expand their reach, reduce costs, risks and provide a better user experience.


Complete payment management

(creation, capture, refund and cancellation)

Customization of user experience

Optimization of internal management with easy access to information

Reduction of manual labor

Customizable transfer request

High power of integration and interaction

Manage your operations

Follow the settlement schedule of each transaction to help on a cash flow analysis. Historic view of payments and transfers through APIs to have a full control of business performance in Brazil.


Highest certificate on payments industry

Enable to process over 6 million cards transactions per year

Save card and sensible data securely

Tokenization and one-click-buy features available

Certified SLA, uptime and disaster recovery procedures