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Bexs Banco connects companies and people in Brazil with other countries around the globe. We believe our country offers many opportunities for expanding your presence in the world economy.
To complement its core activities, such as money transfer, currency exchange and cross-border e-commerce transactions, the bank decided to contribute to Brazilian society by supporting worthy projects with social impact.

With the support of Equilíbrio Social, a consulting firm specializing in raising funds and relations with charitable organizations, we have selected several projects involving education, sports, culture, health and the elderly.

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Arte Despertar

The Arte Despertar Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to act in the areas of health and education. Its initiatives concentrate on human development with a focus on socioemotional competencies. The goal is to use art and culture to awaken the best in people in situations of vulnerability or risk.

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Santo Agostinho Association (ASA)

The Santo Agostinho (ASA) is a civil society organization that for 74 years has been using education to transform the lives of children and youth. It also embraces and promotes the well-being of the elderly by offering opportunities for development. The ASA currently assists over 1,400 children, youth and elderly in socially vulnerable situations in the city of São Paulo.

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Hospital de Amor (Barretos Cancer Hospital)

Hospital do Amor receives patients from all Brazilian states with care provided 100% through the National Health System (SUS). To care for the children and adults, it provides specialized physicians, produces cutting-edge research and has facilities and technologies inspired by the world’s best oncological centers.

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The Hurra! Association has been executing the Citizen Rugby Project since 2010, in partnership with the São Paulo Municipal Department of Education (SME), drawing on funds from the Federal Sports Incentive Law and the São Paulo State Sports Incentive Law. The project’s ultimate goal is to enable thousands of children and youth to practice rugby in combination with educational actions.

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Lar da Benção Divina

The Benção Divina Home is a non-governmental organization established in 1956 that provides assistance to underprivileged communities located near Congonhas Airport in São Paulo. The children and youth are offered cultural and educational activities that complement their school education.

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Rural Action Movement of Pantaleão (MARP)

Created on July 15, 1969, in Amparo, São Paulo, MARP works to support the rural districts of Alferes Rodrigues, Brumado, Dobrada and Pantaleão. The organization benefits more than one thousand families through cultural, educational and vocational training activities.

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Since 1967, Vocação has amassed extensive experience in people development, from learning to read and write to placement in the job market. The process involves identifying and stimulating, since early childhood, people’s competencies and skills.

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