Instant payments
from the world to Brazil with Pix

Bexs is an expert payment service provider; we were the first to integrate Pix (instant payments in Brazil) for payout operations, meaning payments from outside of Brazil could be received instantly. These transactions can cross the world in just a few seconds and Bexs can help you access Pix easily. Discover our cross-border Pix solution for payouts, which can be customized to meet various requirements and serve different business models.

More about our solution for processing single
and mass payments to Brazil

Fast payment processing and distribution for B2B and B2C transactions

Process payments for single and multiple payees in Brazil

Customized Payee Management through the API Platform (online reports, dashboards, etc)

Compliance security and Document Validation

Guaranteed FX rate 24x7

Pix technology (instant payment)

Payment processing flow: how to make
cross-border transfers to Brazilians

The Payout flow

Benefits for your business

Payouts transactions can be simple and instant: all the benefits of Bexs’ payment services for your business

Real-time payout execution, 24x7

No surcharges

Receive your funds instantly

Remove exposure to FX volatility

Competitive FX rates

Tailored for different business models and requirements

Success stories in Brazil via Bexs