Build an effective go-to-market strategy and win over new clients with our customized payment solution for SaaS industry needs. Offer your customers a smoother checkout experience via Payment Link or easy API Integration.

They are not used to pay with international credit cards. To increase conversion rates is important to understand the importance of accepting all payments methods that Brazilian companies are used to.

Why are brazilians struggling to buy B2B SaaS?

Restrictions on International Credit Card

Compliance Rules

Tax Insecurities

Long approval time by corporate financial team

Delay in process an activities, impacting productivity

Our tailored solution for SaaS industry

By partnering with Bexs Bank, you can reach a massive market to be explored through local payment methods. We also provide digital FX solutions for your merchants to receive transfers in the desired country.

Integrate and scale your business offering a smoother and reliable user experience.

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Benefits for
SaaS companies

Processing in local payment methods, including Pix

Payable in local currency - BRL (taxes automatically calculated)

Reliable transactions with compliance analysis

Receive the exactly the billing amount in USD or EUR

Bexs solutions are changing the game

“Taxes in Brazil are high and there are many taxes on software imports. Our payment solutions help clients avoid the volatility of the US dollar, thereby ensuring predictability of expenses, which in turn contributes to the cash flow. This way, we can reach a new market – SMEs - which is quite important in Brazil.”

Urgel Augustin – SimilarWeb Sales Director (LATAM)

Why Bexs Bank?

With decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of Brazil’s FX regulations, Bexs Bank listens to your needs and develops solutions for digital businesses.

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Brazilian Bank pioneer international payments in Brazil.

We provide a unique solution combining digital payments and FX transactions.

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