Brazil’s e-commerce market, as well as the entire digital industry, has been posting double-digit annual growth, while the country’s consumers are increasingly seeking international goods and services.

With the growing variety and competitiveness of platforms for goods and services, it is essential to adapt to the particularities of each local market to ensure a good shopping experience and to leverage conversions.

Accept and leverage local payments

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By partnering with Bexs Bank, you can offer your merchants a massive market to be explored through local payment methods. We also provide digital FX solutions for your merchants to receive transfers in the desired country.

Discover our custom solutions for PSPs

Integrate your merchants and scale their businesses to offer a smoother and more reliable user experience. Customize payment flows, layouts, advertising, languages, taxes, tips, receipts and more.

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for PSPs

Quote product prices in Brazilian real using our FX services

Offer a wide range of Brazilian payment methods, including Pix

Manage operations and receive transfers in your local currency automatically with the API Platform

Easy financial conciliation

Enjoy the freedom to decide the best strategy for charges

Bexs solutions are changing the game

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With decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of Brazil’s FX regulations, Bexs Bank listens to your needs and develops solutions for digital businesses.

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