Payment processor in Brazil:
accept preferred payments methods

Payment processor in Brazil: accept preferred payments methods

Local payment methods are key to reaching the entire Brazilian market and represent around 90% of online sales. With our PSP solution your business will be able to accept all of Brazil’s preferred payments methods, which are:

Credit Cards

(With installments)

Debit Cards

Bank transfers

Mobile wallets

Our digital payment solution can be integrated with a variety of online business models (B2B and B2C) because we offer multiple features, such as one-time transactions or recurring payments for subscription services, high or low ticket sales and transactions for physical and digital goods. Our team specializes in building payment systems and solutions that will optimize business costs and efficiency. Drive revenue and grow your cross-border business in Brazil through our unified payment platform.

Bexs PSP: Features

The only PSP with a banking license in Brazil

(Payments and FX integrated)

Offer all preferred payment types

Smart hedge (real-time FX rates)

Built-in fraud management

PCI DSS (Level 1)

User-friendly management platform

PCI DSS Certified: greater protections for transaction data

Protect sensitive data from card transactions by choosing a payment partner with a PCI Level 1 Certificate. This means your partner complies with the highest security standards in the world.

Payment Processing Flow
Bexs Bank Process

Benefits for your business

Drive revenue with higher authorization rates

Flexible settlement cycles

Offer customer support and merchant services

Remove FX volatility

Own the FX process, with no third parties involved

Secure payments with risk management

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