Our specialists listen to your needs and provide FX solutions tailored for many industries: Marketplace and Local Gateway, SaaS and Games, Venture Capital and Investments, Import and Export, Law Offices and Wealth Management.

Brazilian and international companies rely on us to discuss and assess opportunities.

Our platform offers easy API integrations for payments, investments and FX transactions.

  • Fully authorized by Brazilian Central Bank;
  • FX transactions covering over 120 countries;
  • Deep knowledge of Brazilian FX regulations;
  • Digital Payments and FX transactions on the same platform;
  • End-to-End platform through reliable and friendly API integrations.

How can we help your business?

We have a solid expertise in the Brazilian economic landscape and FX services, helping both big and small companies to invest and connect businesses, expanding their base geographically. Contact a member of our sales team.

Why Bexs Bank?

With decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of Brazil´s foreign exchange, our solutions can improve your conversion rates with the widest set of functionalities covering Brazilian payment methods and FX.

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