Bexs Bank’s specialists listen to your needs and provide FX solutions tailored for many segments and industries: Multinational Corporation, Venture Capital, Investments, Import and Export, Law Offices and Wealth Management.

  • Fully authorized by Brazilian Central Bank;
  • FX transactions covering over 120 countries;
  • Deep knowledge of Brazilian FX regulations.

FX for Exports and Imports

FX solutions by design for companies. Contact our experts and learn how to expand your business. We have the best FX solutions for international companies to achieve what we really believe in: a world with a borderless market.

FX for Financial Operations

Learn about our services for a wide range of transactions, including capital inflows and remittances.

Our team is qualified to meet your needs, from the most frequent financial transactions to those requiring structuring. We transform customer's issues into solutions.

FX as a Service - APIs

We have the know-how in FX process digitization. Bexs' FX products are already integrated with international trade platforms, investments among other sectors. If you are looking for an FX solution for your platform, we are the right partners.

Why Bexs

  • With 30 years of experience in FX regulation, you can count on experts and consulting services designed to help you find answers specific to your company;
  • We monitor the transactions closely, from solution design to its completion. Our customers are supported by professionals throughout the transaction;
  • Our API-enabled technology supports large business platforms in sectors such as: investment, agribusiness, and e-commerce.

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