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Bexs has over 30 years experience in FX transactions and an in-depth understanding of Brazilian regulations and compliance rules. It also plays an active role in Central Bank forums and committees. Find out more about our digital FX solution that can help improve your business's efficiency and provide full transparency for your settlements from Brazil. We can handle the entire FX process while you focus on your business.

FX API Platform: Features

Easy API integration and management platform

Real-time and online FX Rates

Smart hedge (real-time FX rates)

Authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN)

International transactions in over 120 countries

Full ownership of the compliance process (document validation, KYC, AML and ATF)

Flow: Send money abroad and eliminate FX complexity

FX banking:
benefits for your business

Execute settlements in +20 currencies

Get rid of all FX-related complexity

Aggregate multiple FX transactions into a single operation

Request a transfer on demand

Control the financial flow to merchants and payees

Funds available in 1 business day

Success stories in Brazil via Bexs