With over 210 million people, the world’s 9th largest economy and e-commerce sales growing in the double digits, Brazil’s e-shopper market is huge.

And in this market, more than 95% of Brazilians prefer to use local payment methods. So, if you are not fully plugged in, you are missing out on millions of customers.

Our specialists listen to your needs and provide payment processing solutions tailored for many industries: Gateway and PSPs, E-commerce, Investment, Education, Games and Software.

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PayIn Solutions – Accept all local payment methods, including Pix

PayIn Benefits

Improvement of consumer experience

Higher conversion

Payments and FX integrated

All taxes calculated and included

PayIn Flow

PayOut Solutions – Our payment solution in the opposite flow

Some reasons to PayOut to Brazil




Local Advertisers


Crowdfunding and Referral Programs

PayOut solution for different business models and needs

PayOut Benefits

All types of Brazilian payees: People and companies

Compliance security and Document Validation

Customized Payee Management through API Platform

Online FX
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You can choose the best integration model for your business.

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Bexs solutions are changing the game

Why Bexs Bank?

With decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of Brazil’s FX regulations, Bexs Bank listens to your needs and develops solutions for digital businesses.

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Unique solution that combines international payment and FX options

FX solutions covering 120 countries

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

In-depth data insights – 360° database with over 30 million e-shoppers