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Our CEO, Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., presented on The Paypers some articles about payment industry and solutions, on the particularities of Brazilian culture and on implementing effective marketing and sales strategies for tapping this large share of Brazil’s vast market consumer market.

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The relevance of local payment methods for the B2B and B2C markets in Brazil

Not only consumers, but also Brazilian companies encounter payment barriers when making international purchases. In The Paypers, our CEO emphasizes the importance of an online experience that ensures local payment means for Brazilians consumers and companies, with a B2B case study presented that illustrates this need. Read the full content here.


The importance of seasonal holidays to Brazilian ecommerce

Brazil’s retail sector enjoys the highest share of online sales in all of Latin America. However, the major factors driving these strong figures include seasonal retail dates. Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., talks  about how important it is for cross-border merchants to be familiar with these dates and with the other particularities of Brazil’s culture. Read the full article here.


Focus on Brazil: how the crisis scenario boosts digital services adoption

The current crisis scenario is boosting digital services adoption worldwide and is driving people to seek alternatives for shopping and accessing entertainment. Our CEO presents insights from the exponential projections for e-shoppers growth in Brazil. Read the full article here.


The integration and simplification of Pay-in and Payout in Brazil

Pay-in and Payout transactions in Brazil can be simple and integrated. Our CEO explains  the difference between the terms Pay-in and Payout and how these processes are affecting the payments chain in Brazil. Read the full article here.



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